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     For Eric Khayat, there’s always one project after another. For twenty years, this saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist led a successful career as a sideman and producer working in the Pop, Jazz, Soul and Rock music world.

In the spring of 2013, Eric showed us another facet of his personality. Indeed, he launched his first album as a singer-songwriter. Beaches of Brazil, romance, Carnival of Rio, Samba and Bossa-Nova, that’s what you will find on his album  : Arrêter le temps.

His first genuine contact with Brazilian music took place, not in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, but in Dubai, while he was there for a 3 month contract as saxophonist and musical director. "It's probably the heat and humidity that really made ​​me understand the music ," he says, " without these two things, I could not perceive the depth of that style. " Upon his return to Montreal , he decided to buy a guitar to learn to play bossa nova and samba, Brazil’s sovereign styles.  He will listen carefully to the classics songs of the finest Brazilian composers to dissect their essence. It was only some years later that the desire to write his own lyrics came to him ; music alone was not sufficient.


It took three years to Eric to put together this album, from the first note scribbled on a piece of paper to the final product. Known for his studio work as a producer with different artists, it is not surprising that he did all the arrangements, the mixing, and of course, the producing of Arrêter le temps . Even if he sings, plays the guitar, the saxophone and percussion on the album, he did not hesitate to call on some precious long-time friends to record on his CD. The same friends that he had with him to record his first solo album released in 2008 entitled Revolución, with which Eric demonstrated his obvious passion for jazz.

 "This is a CD that will stay on top of the pile for a long time! " André Rheaume has said, Radio host on Espace Musique, Gabriel Bélanger wrote in the Socan magazine :" [... ] we discover through a refined and sophisticated music, the full extent of his talent. Khayat was immersed in the musical world from an early age, and we feel in every note he plays the depth of his approach [...] The result is more than convincing , with pieces that actually combine research and spontaneity [ ... ] Full of life and ideas, he certainly has not finished to please us."

After arriving in Montreal in the mid 90’s from Quebec city, Eric, became sideman with various artists such as David Usher, Rick Astley, Samantha Fox, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Robert Charlebois on stages all over the world from Montreal to Paris, via Munich and New York.

With his versatility and his writing skills, he left his mark in the studio as a musician or arranger on over thirty albums. We can also hear his compositions in a few feature films (Les boys IV, winner of the Félix for best original soundtrack in 2006), documentaries, short films, commercials and theater plays.


Since 2012, Eric Khayat also has his own label: EKITABLE Records. A label that offers an alternative model to the music industry, that puts forward equity between producer and artist and transparency of actions. Since its debut, six artists have joined the label and its catalog already contains seven albums. The least we can say is that EKR has a bright future!

Eric Khayat is a creator who passionately pushes the enveloppe. His curiosity towards life leads him to evolve, to never remain the same. Over the years, he has developed a rich and unique style to the image of his love for music.


Eric Khayat plays exclusively with D'Addario woodwind reeds and on D'Addario guitar strings.


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